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In 2011 İşbank has celebrated its 87th anniversary

İşbank is the largest privately-owned bank in Turkey in terms of total assets, shareholders equity, total deposits and total loans. At the end of the third quarter of 2011, İşbank's shareholders' equity stands at 17.9 billion TL and total assets stand at 160 billion TL. İşbank also plays an important role in the global financial arena. According to The Banker's Top 500 Banking Brands List, İşbank is the most valuable bank brand of Turkey. İşbank is ranked as the 75th among the most valuable banking brands in the world according to the report. İşbank ranked 100th in the Banker magazine's "Top 1000 World Bank's" survey based on banks' consolidated financial statements as at the end of December 2010.


87 years ago it was a bold undertaking

The birth of a new country heavily depended on the presence of nation-wide banking activities, the drive for industrial development, animating national savings, financing fundamental economic breakthroughs and the means to meet financial borrowings. After the war of independence the new Republic faced deep social and economic problems. The only way to cope with these problems was immediate economic development. Fortunately, the founding fathers of the Republic were well aware of the fact that such military achievement was not a full victory unless followed by economic success and to finance economic development it was essential to have a national bank.

The inception of the country's first truly national bank dates back to these hard times. İşbank was founded on 26 August 1924 with the mandate of Atatürk, following the First Economy Congress in İzmir. There was a lack of qualified and skilled human resources. Furthermore, there was a widely accepted bias that Turks were not skilled enough to run banking business. Nevertheless, the bank started to operate with two branches and 37 staff members.

İşbank sustains continuous growth committed to its founding principles, restoring its strength and vigour with each passing year. In time the Bank gained a very important place not only in the Turkish financial sector, but also in manufacturing industries through investments and equity participations in industrial and financial services sectors.


Most preferred bank of Turkey

Being the pioneer of many novelties in the Turkish banking sector, İşbank is the founder of national banking in the country. Given this mission and pioneering position, people naturally choose İşbank. This is the evidence of İşbank's power and credibility in the perception of the Turkish public. For this reason, İşbank is the most preferred private commercial bank in terms of deposit.

An entrepreneur Bank

IS Bank Image

The Bank has pioneered in many new areas of business through investments and equity participations in strategic sectors for the country. In 87 years, İşbank has invested in the equity of 291 companies and, in the long run, divested shares in 265 of these companies. Today, İşbank is holding direct equity in 26 and indirect equity in 105 companies, operating in finance, glass, telecommunications and other industries and service groups.

İşbank has financial services subsidiaries active in the banking, insurance, private pension, capital markets brokerage, asset management, venture capital, factoring, reinsurance, financial leasing, investment banking and real estate investment trust sectors. Financial services subsidiaries enrich the range of products and services the Bank offers to millions of customers via diverse business lines, while also creating cross and complementary product delivery and sales opportunities.

Information about our main financial subsidiaries in Turkey is stated below.

Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası (TSKB - Industrial Development Bank of Turkey) is Turkey's first private investment and development bank. Since its establishment in 1950, TSKB has played a key role in the development of the Turkish economy. TSKB offers project finance, investment banking and corporate finance services along with capital markets brokerage services, financial leasing and portfolio management services to a wide customer base. TSKB makes increasing contributions to the sustainable development of the Turkish economy through long-term funding of investment projects, customer-specific consultancy and brokerage services. TSKB takes into consideration the environmental impact of the loans it extends and supports investments in various sectors via renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental, and SME loans obtained from supranational institutions.

Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik is the leading private pension company in Turkey. Being the first life insurance company, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik A.Ş. is the only publicly traded private pension and life insurance company in Turkey. Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik reached the highest number of private pension participants and largest fund size in private pension sector.

Anadolu Sigorta is one of Turkey's top insurance companies and active in non-life insurance,  Anadolu Anonim Türk Sigorta Şirketi generated TL 1,346 million in premium production as of September 2011. With a market share of 12,8%, it ranks 2nd in non-life insurance sector. İşbank transferred all of its direct shares in Anadolu Sigorta to Milli Reasürans on September 30, 2010, and became an indirect partner in the Company.

Milli Reasürans, the oldest operating company in the Turkish reinsurance industry, was founded in 1929. Milli Reasürans alone meets nearly 25% of the reinsurance coverage needs of the Turkish insurance industry.

İş Finansal Kiralama (İş Leasing) stands out as one of the pioneers in the leasing sector. The company pursues its operations with the mission of giving priority to the funding of SMEs, building and managing an extensive portfolio of high-quality leasing contracts, and fulfilling customer demands through fast, effective and high quality solutions.

İş GYO is one of the largest real estate investment trusts in Turkey. İş GYO is Turkey's third largest publicly traded real estate investment trust (REIT) in terms of net asset value (NAV).

İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler (İş Investment) is the pioneer and leading company in capital markets. İş Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. offers services in trading of capital markets instruments, investment consultancy, portfolio management and corporate finance in national and international markets.

Long-term perspective in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

İşbank continues to initiate and support social responsibility projects in the fields of education, environment, culture and arts on a long-term perspective. The scope and penetration of these projects results in prestigious awards for İşbank. Thanks to İşbank's support to the Turkish Chess Federation, 2,5 million children were introduced to chess. Turkey has become a country of champions in this sport and received the prestigious SABRE Award. With "One Million Books" campaign İşbank distributed over 5 million books to primary school students in four years and was honored with the European Excellence Award.


CSR Projects of İşbank:

  • Sponsorship of Turkish Chess Federation

  • "One Million Books" Book Campaign

  • "81 Forests in 81 Cities" environment project

  • "81 Students from  81 Cities" scholarship project


İşbank's Primary Innovations

İşbank has been a pioneering and exemplary institution that has introduced numerous firsts to the Turkish banking industry. Here is a few of them:

  • Introduction of childrens coin bank, which has triggered and made mainstream propensity to save in the society

  • The use of cheques for daily transactions

  • Initiating electronic banking in the country with a sound technological groundwork

  • Introduction of ATMs. İşbank was the first in the industry to coin a generic name for teller machines

  • Overseas branches in Europe and Cyprus

  • Saving accounts

  • Mutual funds

  • Operation of an in house securities division

  • Interactive banking service since July 1996

  • Deployment of Netmatik machines, to enhance online banking among clients without access to PC's

  • Introduction of mobile banking on WAP enabled GSM phones

  • Mobile banking and call center supported with 3G technology

  • Bioidentity (Fingervein ID), a biometric device integrated into the ATMs

International Banking and Trade Finance

The name "İşbank" stands for one of the most trustworthy and sound institutions of the country and connotes high reputation both in the local and international markets. Thanks to its vast distribution and services network both domestically and internationally as well as its high quality wide span products and services the Bank is a major player in international banking  business and handles a sizeable portion of trade finance and clearing activities in Turkey.

İşbank's international and domestic presence

shaping its international presence in line with globalization of Turkish Economy

The international organization of the Bank contributes to the trade and investment relations of Turkish businessmen.


IS Bank world map pic

IS Bank Branch List

The current international extension of İşbank is one of the strongest and widespread among the Turkish banks. The Bank has 17 branches abroad; two representative offices, one in China and one in Eygpt; and two wholly owned subsidiaries; one in Germany under the name of İşbank GmbH, which has branches in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Bulgaria and one in Russia under the name of İşbank Russia with 15 branches.

The Bank sets new targets for the future and plans to become the biggest finance corporation in the region. According to this vision, İşbank has also new expansion policies in the surrounding region for the future.

Vast number of correspondent banks

Companies engaged in foreign trading enjoy the convenience of doing business comfortably with a broad part of the world geography via İşbank which possesses an extensive correspondent network covering over 1,500 banks in 127 countries. İşbank's main focus in correspondent banking is service quality and ensuring to establish long term relationships which are not based solely on individual transactions.


Largest distribution network by nationwide coverage among private banks

IS Bank Turkey Map
  • More than 1,100 domestic branches throughout Turkey

  • More than 4,400 ATMs (First in the sector)

International Banking Products and Services

A-Trade Finance Business

Main services provided by İşbank in foreign trade operations are:

  • Documentary credits

  • Documentary collections

  • Letters of guarantee

  • Avals

  • Prefinancing credits (export-import financing)

  • Forfaiting, factoring

  • ECA covered loans

  • Eximbank credits for exports

  • Structured trade & project finance

  • Cash letter & clearing services, etc.


Growing transaction volume in foreign trade

İşbank is a major player in international trade and handles a sizeable portion of Turkey's imports and exports thanks to its:

  • Broad domestic and international reach

  • Extensive correspondent network

  • High quality service

  • Expertise

  • Cutting-edge technological infrastructure

İşbank almost has tripled its foreign trade volume in the last five years.

B-International Payments

International payment services of İşbank includes; commercial payments, remittances, loro/vostro account services and check collections.


Your local payment partner

With İşbank's loro and vostro account services, it is possible to effect payments either in foreign currency or in local currency in seconds through the automated system. İşbank keeps quite a high number of loro/vostro accounts in its books and is the main clearer in Turkey for more than 100 banks. İşbank offers automated solutions for foreign currency payments through its branches and domestic TL payments by electronic fund transfer system (EFT) with competitive prices.

"CorrNET", which is an on-line facility designed for banks which hold accounts with İşbank, provides with real time internet access to the nostro accounts in foreign currency or TL. İşbank is the first and only Turkish bank providing on-line real time account follow-up services via CorrNET. Safety and privacy of the customers are İşbank's priority while giving services through CorrNet.


Corporate Banking Activities

İşbank is well positioned in the Turkish banking sector due to the diversity and size of its customer portfolio, its extensive relationships with prominent industrial institutions in Turkey and its widespread branch network.

Corporate banking activities of İşbank are comprised of commercial loans, non-cash loans (letters of guarantee, documentary credits, acceptances etc.), foreign trade operations, cash management services, cheques and bonds and cash collections.

İşbank provides cash management services to many multinational corporations operating in Turkey and put special emphasis on maintaining leadership position in this area. Some of the cash management services offered by İşbank are collections (direct debit system, commercial card system, check and bond collections, cheques clearing, point of sale agreements, cash collection with armoured vehicles), payments (domestic and international money transfers, automated transfer service, standing orders, automated bill payments, tax payments, pay-roll agreements, business credit cards, TL and FX İşbank cheques) and the other (internet banking, electronic statement, sweeping and cash pooling).


Project Finance Activities

İşbank has a long and successful track record in the project advisory, arrangement, underwriting and syndications of loans in many international and local big-ticket deals with complex financing structures. Today, İşbank continues to play a key role in major project finance deals, with special concentration in the fields of: M&As/LBOs/structured finance and privatizations, real estate development, infrastructure, energy and industrial investments. A strongly dedicated and high caliber project finance team with in-depth industry knowledge is always ready to provide all kinds of financial services throughout different phases of project finance transactions. Recognized and commended by reputable international organizations, İşbank's project finance activities have been rewarded by leading project finance institutions.


Capital Market Operations

Strength of İşbank in capital markets stems from its product diversity and competitive pricing policy, as well as its ability to provide extensive and uninterrupted high quality distribution service through a wide branch of network. İşbank directly carries out fixed income trading, mutual fund administration and NAV calculation as well as providing custodial services. On the other hand, equity brokerage is performed on Istanbul Stock Exchange by İş Investment Securities and institutional portfolio management is provided by İş Asset Management, both of which are İşbank's subsidiaries.

İşbank provides brokerage service in Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDEX). A derivative account at İşbank is enough to trade in TurkDEX.

As a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) qualified bank, İşbank is one of the main providers of custodial services to non-resident investors. Securities settlement and clearing, safekeeping, extensive SWIFT reporting, prudent cash management, foreign exchange transactions, corporate action processing/income collection, proxy voting, assistance on tax issues and providing up-to-date market information are offered.

İşbank started providing custody services to the international financial community in 1992. Now, İşbank is providing custody services to Clearstream Banking Luxembourg and the Bank of New York Mellon DR Programme among many other major banks and institutions. İşbank's success at international custody business can be attributed to the flexible IT infrastructure that can be modified as per each client's need supported by dedicated and experienced staff and tailor-made services.


Private Banking Services

İşbank offers optimum financial solutions and investment alternatives to private banking customers based on a "personalized service" approach. In all İşbank branches, dedicated customer relationship managers offer one-to-one service to private banking customers. Launched in 2006, the loyalty program under the trademark "Privia" is designed for HNWIs. Private banking customers are able to enjoy advantageous, special services and product options, such as cost-free banking transactions, Privia Type-A and Type-B Variable Mutual Funds or Privia Group Pension Plan. Besides, some privileged services are provided in the fields of culture and health.